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Project About the investor and about the project

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The Investor - B.Yair Corporation Ltd (

The company is reliable and succesful for many years. Residential buildings, commercial buildings and other large investments constitute their wide-ranging references. The biggest advantage of this group of companies is the efficient combination of development and execution methods. Further advantages are strict keeping of deadlines and the reliability which is proved by many buildings all over the world.

B. Yair international group of companies was established more than 20 years ago in Israel and nowadays it is one of the biggest international property developer and investor in thieir country.

B. Yair is specialized for big volumed investments. Dweller houses with thousandsof flats, public institutes, offices, commercial buildings are found among their references in Israel and in Europe.

This group of companies is growing all over Europe, its basic is the reliable, precise execution while maintaining high quality. B.Yair is a Public Limited Company since 2006. Board Chairman, Yair Biton also serves as the chairman of the Jerusalem Contractor’s Union and the National Union of Israeli Builders & Developers.

In 2006 B. Yair funded its subsidiary company in Hungary called Sidi Investments Ltd., which plans a number of investments in Budapest and the agglomeration. The Sidi Investments Ltd. is the executive owner of Athina Ltd, which handles the Sidiangel Project.

The project

During planning we thought in a complex solution, where the building and the green field create a harmonic enviroment which satisfy the requirements of both the youth and the elderly.

The new dwell-house will established in a quiet street on a 5111m2 sized field bordered by Teve street, Petneházy street and Frangepán street, which is only for 2 minutes on foot from Árpád híd metro stop (which is one of the biggest junction of the city), and contains 328 flat and 9 premises. It's called Sidiangel project.

This project is excellent for customers who use public transport day by day, since they can choose among tram no. 1 which surrounds the city, metro line 3 and buses going in all directions.

A lot of public service buildings can be found in the vicinity of the flats such as Honved Hospital, APEH Centre, Budapest Police Office, malls, kindergardens and schools. The environs reserve surprise for the weekend and free days also such as Dagály Pools or the Margaret Island where the dwellers can relax after weekly work.

A three floored underground garage assures the comfort of those inhabitants who use cars. The veichles are in safe and protected from weather in the garage, from where the flats are easy to acces by single elevator in each staircase. The inhabitants can have a rest in the inner gardens where children can play in their own playground.

Here you can find the most important public buildings near to the Sidiangel:

About the 13. district

Although the territory was inhabited before – proved by archaeological findings of Avar era, fortresses, relics of mills from Roman age and written documents remembering to Middle Age villages – it formed to a contiguous quarter just in the modern times. The development of town started at the beginning of 19th century, the town of Pest started to grow rapidly

Dwelling and Surrounding Neighbourhood
Central offices of two main providers of public-utility services in the capital, namely the Budapest Water Company and Electricity Works of Budapest are established in our district. Main roads are: Váci Road, Róbert Károly Circle Road, Szent István Circle Road, Lehel Street - Béke Street, Dráva Street - Dózsa György Road, Reitter Ferenc Street. The total length of footpaths and pavements is 250 km and 17 km bicycle paths. The territory of public lands maintained by our municipality exceeds 2.7million m2.

The economy of the 13th district is determined mainly by big and partly multinational companies. Ten percent of the largest 200 corporations of Hungary operate in this district. These companies add approximately 10% of the total GDP of Budapest.

Our district is one of the strongholds of the national sport life. We have 38 sports clubs and 7800 registered sportsmen and sportswomen in our district. Among these sports clubs the Budapesti Honvéd SE and the Vasas SC have international reputation. ATTE is our public sports club having 1200 registered members. Sportsmen and sportswomen related to our district won several titles and medals in Olympic Games, World and European Championships, in the Sydney Olympic Games they obtained more than one third of the total points of the Hungarian Olympic team.

Our local government takes a major role in the cultural life of our district. It promotes institutions, organisations, communities engaged in or care for substantial and cultured recreation. The main cultural institutions of our district are: Vígszínház (Comedy Theatre), József Attila Theatre, Open Air Theatre in the Margaret Island, József Attila Cultural Centre, Children’s and Youth Centre of Angyalföld, wq + Láng Cultural Centre, Iránytű Youth, Information and Consulting Centre, Club-Gallery of Újlipótváros. Three large cinemas, a multiplex cinema, 6 libraries and several galleries offer high-level cultural events and programs. Amateur art groups of our cultural centres regularly and successfully participate in different local, capital, national or foreign events. More than 200 professional painters, sculptors and artist-craftsmen lve and work in our district.

Traditional local events like Kerületi Napok (District Days), Szent Mihály-napi Búcsú (Michaelmas Festival), Angyalföldi Utcabál (Angyalföld Street Dance), Vidám Udvari Előadások (Merry Open Air Performances) all help to strengthen and deepen local pride and common sense of parochialism.


ByTy Malesice

ByTy Malešice is a unique project in the Czech Republic that combines a love for architecture with a love for nature in a single goal: to create the perfect balance between the busy life of the city and nature, and to create harmonious living for individuals, couples, and families.

The new apartment complex will provide something that Malešice still doesn't have – a new center where people can meet & chat, but also a place that provides all services such as shopping, a pharmacy, banks, hairdressers, and plenty of leisure activities.

The ByTy Malešice project is divided into two building stages. Each stage consists of the construction of three buildings. The first stage will result in 286 apartment and commercial units. These will be approved in April 2013.